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welcome to the chelsea hotel

the death of you...is killing me

1 August 1977
80's sitcoms, 90's grunge, abstract art, addiction, alice in chains, angelina jolie, art films, asia argento, autumn, baby barrettes, band t-shirts, bbws, black clothing, blank books, bleached hair, bmovies, borderline personality disorder, brian molko, british music magazines, carnival lights, cheese, clea duval, coffeehouses, coincidences, courtney love, criminology, cult, dark eyeliner, dark wave, darkness, daydreaming, drag shows, dream interpretation, drew barrymore, drugs, dyed red hair, eddie vedder, elizabeth wurtzel, eurotrash, exotic masks, faerys, fairuza balk, fashion, fat acceptance, film, folklore, girl interrupted, glam, glitter, going on adventures, goth dolls, gothic, graveyards, green apple quick step, hair spray, handbags, healing, hole, iced tea, incense, indie movies, indie rock, inside jokes, insomnia, james haven, jarvis cocker, jj72, jonathan rhys meyers, junkie movies, kat bjelland, klonopin, layne staley foundation, lead singers, lips, mad love, makeup, making out, mark ryden, mary janes, mental health, mia tyler, mr. bean, mysticism, nancy spungen, new wave, nightmares, norman reedus, nostalgia, obscurity, obsessions, old punk, old seattle bands, ouija boards, painkillers, paranormal, pigtails, plus size models, riot not diet, rocky horror picture show, sedation, sex pistols, shaggy hair, shoegaze, skinny boys, skirts with pants, sleepers, sobriety, sophie dahl, spacerock, street muscians, suicide survivors, synth pop, the dandy warhols, the jim carroll band, the lost boys, the muppets, the raveonettes, the rolling stones, the tea party, therapy, thrift shops, unexplained phenomenon, vampires, velvet goldmine, vivid imaginations, warhol factory, zines